Roger Irvin Dunn
Producer - Director - Writer - Actor
My performance career began in the jazz-funk fusion clubs of the early eighties, at the age of 19 I began to study contemporary technique and ballet at the Leicestershire County school of Dance, with whom I later performed at the Haymarket Theatre, Leicester and at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

My first public performance took place some two months later. This was followed by two weeks in attendance at The Jamaican School of Dance (Kingston, Jamaica). I went on to take A-levels in Dance and Drama at Charles Keene College, Leicester. Simultaneously I was a member of a community dance group, Leicester Ensemble of Dance. While with L.E.D. I created my first piece of choreography, which debuted at the Haymarket Studio, Leicester in 1985. In 1986, I began the Dance Theatre course at the Laban Centre for Movement and Dance.

Upon leaving I decided to return to my love of drama rather than follow a purely dance oriented path. In 1990 I co-founded the fringe theatre company Fingers In Pies, where I gained experience as a Director, Lighting Designer, Administrator, Script Editor and Casting Director.

I have gone on to work as an Actor, Dancer, Choreographer, and Percussionist on the London fringe, as well as small and middle scale theatres throughout the UK. In recent years my interest has moved more and more towards the medium of film working on a number of shorts, and several features, as either an Actor or Dancer / Choreographer. In 2003 I wrote my first plays....